5 Simple Switches for More Motivation

One of the things I hear a lot as a trainer is some seriously limiting self-talk.

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“I don’t think I can do that.”

“I can’t do that! I’m ….” (insert whichever noun here) too old, too young, a guy, a girl, overweight, uncoordinated, have bad knees, too busy…

I have one client who calls himself a dummy when he gets something wrong. He literally says, “you dummy!”

I had the privilege this week of spending time with and training, one of the top life and business coaches in the world.

It was a tremendous honor.

And while I consider myself to be one of the most positive people out there, he caught little nuances in my language that might be hindering my own progress.

He happened to ask about an area of my business life and smiling, I answered, “it is out of control!”

He immediately corrected me and pointed out that the phrase was seriously self-limiting.

He asked me how else could I frame the experience?

I didn’t see it as negative initially, but at second glance, “out of control” implies chaos, clutter, frenzied.


I simplified and said, “I am in the midst of so many cool opportunities. I am so blessed”.

Immediately my smile widened and all felt more manageable.

Whether you’re a regular exerciser, or haven’t stepped foot in the gym in way too long, chances are you’re limiting yourself and your workouts with negative self-talk.

Do you wonder if you have the time today or the energy?

To this I say, tell yourself you do.

Shift your self-talk for better energy, clarity, and self-love and see more enthusiasm and results.

Here are five simple switches in your language that will progress your workouts:

1. Switch: “Ugh, I don’t really want to workout today.”

    With: “I’m going to have an amazing workout today and feel better after I do it.”

2. Switch: “I can’t do that.”

     With: “My body is capable of more than I know. I’m excited to try.”

3. Switch: “I don’t like to workout.”

     With: “This is my favorite way to workout.” Then find it and do it.

4.  Switch: “I’m too uncoordinated, overweight, old.”

     With: “I’m fortunate and grateful to have a body that works. Today I’m honoring it.”

5. Switch: “There’s too much going on to workout.”

     With: “I’m important enough and deserve time for myself”.

I’m thinking of you today as you choose to do right by your body and mind.

Personally, I’m going to have an amazing workout today. 🙂

Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

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