I used to work in an office and at 8:00am, people would be grabbing their coffee and mumbling good mornings and how are yous. Invariably, most of the answers involved some derivative of “…tired”. Puffy faces, sleepy hair, not quite ready to have bright-eyed chats.

With all this sleepiness in this time-starved world, how can you find the energy to workout and eat right, let alone do it with enthusiasm?

Almost more than we need to work out, we need to work in a little energy so that we have some to give to the stuff we really want and need to do.

Like have fun.

And stress less.

So, here are five simple tips that will bring you the energy you need to do the things you really want:

1. Take a walk. Outside. For maybe a half hour or so. More or less, with or without someone else. Just leisurely. Just enjoy it. No pressure. A bike ride is nice too.

2. Schedule a fun quickie. 🙂 For 30 minutes. Have a coworker that cracks you up? Take him or her to lunch. Love reading? Sit in your chair and do it. Love cooking? Awesome, carve the time. You get the idea.

3. Turn off the TV after an hour of your favorite show and step away from all electronics after 8:30pm. What to do? Go for a walk, take a bath, read a book, have a little nookie, do the dishes, pack your gym bag for tomorrow, go to bed early. Whatever.

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4. Try to stay away from sugar. Read this page for more.

5. Schedule something SUPER fun to happen within the next three weeks. Having something to look forward to rules and always adds a little pep to your step.

Need some ideas? How about a concert, dinner with friends, a hike you love or have been wanting to try, going dancing, trying that zumba/boxing/yoga class with friends and then lunch after, game night, a picnic in the park, a round of ultimate Frisbee or smashball, baseball in the backyard with your kids, a living room picnic, a slumber party, a girls night, a guys night out, bowling…are you getting it? Pick one, schedule it, and look forward to it. 🙂

So, which one did you pick? Make these five things happen today and tell me in the comments section below if they lit your fire a little.

Thank you for reading and participating with me! My passion is helping you develop your passions and to find a zest for life. Hopefully this free content will provide a little inspiration.

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