One of the most common topics I get asked about is supplements and frankly, I’m sometimes as confused as you are. After all, I’m all about eating healthfully. But is that enough? What about nutrient absorption, getting shredded (hey…), and all the super magical supplements we hear about like: + Magnesium + Fish Oil + Glutamine + […]

20 Fast, Healthy, & Delicious Breakfast Ideas To Beat Boredom With Over 20 Grams of Protein

  Are you sick of cereal, oatmeal, and eggs every morning? You are certainly not alone! While the rest of the globe enjoys charcuterie plates, miso soup, and even fish for their morning meal, Americans are slogging through repeat breakfast performances that are leaving us bored and wondering what else. The good news is that [...]

How to Beat Belly Bloat in 2 Weeks

You’re fit, you workout, you watch what you eat, but darn that swollen, bloated feeling that can occasionally creep up! Bloating can come from stress, digestive issues, food sensitivities, and eating large portion sizes. Below are 7 Steps to Beat Belly Bloat in 2 Weeks: 1. Set down the wine (or rocks) glass Alcohol is […]

7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Let’s say you’re already an active person, embracing the fit lifestyle by working out regularly, eating clean, and even taking your beach cruiser to brunch. You choose hiking over happy hour and make sure to take long sunset or sunrise walks with Fido. With all this activity and mindfulness toward fitness, why might you struggle to shed […]

Healthy Eating Hacks From a Personal Trainer

  When it comes to eating healthy, it's all about prep. When you have a plan, you are a million times more likely to stay on track. Whether you're a clean eating devotee or strictly making your macros work, it's so easy to get derailed and say to heck with any of it it when [...]

4 Ways to Climb Out of a Funk

As smiley and happy of a person as I naturally am, sometimes, things take a turn for the blue. This has been a tough month for me. Some really close friends had all been here visiting, and then they all left. I’m going through some exciting business changes and growth, yet frankly the to-do list […]

Why I Changed My Mind About Protein Powders

Not long ago I turned up my nose at the mere thought of a protein powder. After all, they were unnatural, icky tasting, blended gross, and did not so nice things to my digestion. Plus, who wants to pay a bajillion dollars for a  tub of mystery powder that may or may not taste decent and […]

My 2014 Christmas Letter

I received a Christmas letter in the mail recently from someone I barely know. I loved it. And I’ve always loved Christmas letters. Even though it’s one letter printed to many, I dig right into reading all about their year. I feel like we’ve shared a cup of coffee together and I appreciate the effort that goes […]

Is It Crazy To Start A Diet and Exercise Program During The Holidays?

Happy December! Are you among the many who throw your hands up in the air this month and just give up on any possibilities of forward fitness momentum? Does it seem to make sense to just wait until all the family has gone home and you have more ‘control’ over your food and schedule? Find […]

8 Simple Exercises to Build Muscle Without Weights

Let’s say you know you need to workout but don’t have to access to or have zero desire to enter the weight room of a gym. Maybe there’s a little fear of the free weight area. Or, perhaps you’re traveling, you’re short on time, or your baby is asleep. Maybe you’re just not sure what […]