My 4 Biggest Fears Revealed. And, 4 New Jams to Get YOU Moving Forward.

fearHoly hiatus, Batman.

A year ago around this time I pulled the trigger on putting My Fitness Fetish out into the universe. The design was rough and I wasn’t “ready”, but I did it. And MAN was I proud!

A couple of days later, I got on the phone with my sister-in-law who understands the blogosphere well and learned that despite my best efforts, I set it up wrong. Wrong enough to warrant making a big techie switch and basically start over.

I paused everything. I felt discouraged.

I found someone to help me with the design. I studied a bit on blogging and techiness and how to deliver content that you guys might find to be worthwhile and meaningful. To me, too.

Yet I’ve still been paralyzed by a lack of progress.

But you know what? Screw it. As of today. Like officially.

A lack of progress is fear. Plain and simple.

What am I afraid of? Truth time here, and trust me, this isn’t easy:

1. Judgment: Of imperfect design, of my ideas, of me. Of really putting myself out there.

2. Progress: Change is scary and the neurotransmitters that get released when we try something new actually propel us back into familiar routine. It’s nature’s way of keeping us safe.

3. Failure: What if I bomb? What if I say something people don’t like?

4. Unleashed, angry dogs. Okay, so this isn’t remotely related, but I’d rather fail, be judged, and stay in neutral than be faced with a crowd of pissed wild dogs. Totally cool by me. PS I don’t like clowns either. 🙂

Anyway, I know that the only way to move forward and past fear is to just start. Just be me. And that despite imperfections and a lack of “readiness”, to just close my eyes and leap.

My Fitness Fetish is my new, re-born baby. She’s here to help you Feel Your Fittest. Roll out of bed like a ray of freakin sunshine, love your body, and eat food that’s so good you won’t believe it.

Let’s do this!

Is there anything you’re holding yourself back from today? A fear of the gym, of the weight room, of an unfamiliar, yet healthful food?

I urge you, join me and leap today.

Today, put that muffin down. Lace up your sneaks. Tell yourself that You. Are. Worth It.

To fire you up, I’ve included a playlist of a few jams that have been firing me up lately. I squat deeper, run faster, and lift heavier when these tunes are rocking. Enjoy. 😉

What can you commit to today that will propel you forward, even if you’re not ready?

Pick one! And take action now. Do it. And if you would, tell me in the comments section below what you did today before YOU were ready! I’m proud of you!

I can’t wait to hear from you. And thank you for joining me on this adventure!

Xo, Andrea

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