How I Kept Healthy Traveling Through Morocco

Hello My Fitness Fetishers!

Last week I returned home from a fantastic 15 day adventure.

I traveled 12 days through Morocco (North Africa) and spent 3 days with friends in London.

Travel is one of my biggest hobbies and getting away helps me recharge my batteries and be a better trainer.

Actually, a better person.

You’ve got to put on your own oxygen mask before putting on anyone else’s!


One of the challenging things about travel can be staying healthy and keeping in shape.

Not for me, actually.

I find it quite simple on the road because I’m so active, often walking and exploring for miles.

And sprinting up sand dunes. 😉

Seeing something new each day brings me such joy that I don’t feel stress.

I had three proper gym workouts – two at a hotel gym and one in the hallway of my hotel. 🙂


My travel partners were welcome to as much fitness and nutrition advice as they liked.

Here is one of my travel friends and I getting in a killer hallway workout.


Here was the circuit:

15 slow Bulgarian split squats each leg (pictured)

45 seconds of wall-sits

15 slow low pushups

15 shoulder scaptions

10 plank walk-ups each arm

15 reverse crunches

10 long lever crunches each leg

We went through each exercise and then repeated the circuit 4 times.

Here is a video blog on how I kept my belly healthy and my immune system as strong as a horse. 🙂


Until next time!



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Powdered greens

Digestive enzymes

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