Live With Dr. Kim Agnew: Keeping Fit With Your Furry Friends!

If you’re fitness lover, chances are strong that you’re an animal lover too!

Go for a walk, hike, or run and the fit masses are accompanied by man’s best friend.

I sat down with my favorite veterinarian, Dr. Kim Agnew, and asked her for specific tips on incorporating our furry friends into our fit lifestyle, like:

  1. How to know when your pup is overheating?
  2. The skinny on treats. Should more treats = less dinner?
  3. How much exercise do our fur babies really need?
  4. Is better to travel with Fido or leave him home in a familiar environment?
  5. What healthy foods should we NEVER give our animal?
  6. What to do when confronted by another angry animal?
  7. How to train smaller dogs to be less aggressive on walks?

We even give love to the kitties too. Don’t miss what to do when Fluffy is getting a little, err, fluffier. 🙂

This interview was definitely a favorite for me!

Expert vet advice usually comes at a premium!

A million thank yous to Dr. Agnew for sharing her wisdom with us!

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I bet we could get this lovely lady back if we have enough questions for her!

Thanks and Love,


P.S. In my humble opinion, animal people are the best people. 🙂

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