One of the most common topics I get asked about is supplements and frankly, I’m sometimes as confused as you are.

After all, I’m all about eating healthfully.

But is that enough?

What about nutrient absorption, getting shredded (hey…), and all the super magical supplements we hear about like:

+ Magnesium
+ Fish Oil
+ Glutamine
+ Probiotics
+ Digestive Enzymes
+ Creatine

And and and….

It’s enough to make my head spin!

I called my friend Katie Pena, who happens to be a supplement expert, to give us all the dish on the best supplements to help fuel your fit lifestyle.

She has a shocking revelation about the difference in buying the same brand at a health food store versus the same brand for cheaper at Costco.

She also has a surprising new way to get your dose of fish oil that has nothing to do with eating fish or swallowing a pill.

You will NOT WANT TO MISS Katie’s A to my Q when I ask her:

+ What two supplements to take help us carve up/lean out (I’m doing this stack as we speak)

+ If supplements from name brand box stores are worth the $

+ Why synthetic supplements may not actually be the worst things ever

+ If girls should take Creatine

+ Katie’s secret trick to trying a supplement without being stuck with it if it doesn’t work for you

+ How to make sure you’re getting quality supplements in an unregulated industry

 We even get a little personal. We’ll find out:

+ Katie’s secret favorite supplement you’ve never even heard of

+ Which supplement can boost your sex drive and fertility

+ What Katie USED to think constituted a healthy breakfast

+ Katie’s favorite protein shake combo

+ How she manages to balance a thriving business, sweet baby boy, time with her husband, and drive to feel her fittest

Wait until the end when I rapid fire her with some fun Q’s. 😉

Give this super informative video a watch and leave a comment/question for Katie and I in the comments below!


Thanks and love,


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