LIVE With NFL Cheerleader Julia Nicholson: How to Live a Healthy, Sexy Life!

I have a such a special treat for you to inspire your goals into action! 🙂

My awesome friend, Julia Nicholson, who is an NFL Cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans, is sharing tons of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle advice with us!

She’s a veteran professional cheerleader, nutrition and health coach, mom, and wife.

She is all about helping others to lead a Healthy Sexy Life. 🙂

Not only is her approach anything but mainstream – you will not find this hot blonde snacking on low cal snack packs – she’s a super sweet and genuine person with a lot of amazing wisdom and light to share.

Her tenacity alone will blow you away.

Did you know Julia was never even a cheerleader before making the Titans squad?

She actually tried out for cheerleading in junior high and didn’t make the team.

Amazing to me that she had the cajones to try out on the professional level! I’m so inspired.

I asked her to share how she manages the stress of being tiny-outfit-and-HDTV ready at all times, what she does to prep for calendar and bikini photo shoots, her workout schedule, an average daily diet, and her protein shake habits.

We get personal along the way with things like:

  • The surprising inspiration for Julia to study nutrition
  • What she does to make sure she’s a better wife and mother
  • How she came back to cheerleading after taking three years off AND having a baby
  • What her husband thinks of her out of the out of the box approach to healthy eating
  • And also one the sweet thing he does for her at night

Please enjoy Julia’s wonderful advice! I had such a good time talking to her. This was a fun one. 🙂

Please share this video with your friends and leave us your thoughts and questions in the comments below!


P.S. If you’re interested in working with Julia, she’s got an awesome detox plan, and she priced it at a super secret ninja friends of Andrea price just for you. ? http://www.julianicholson.com/work-with-me/andrea/

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