Navigating COVID and Traveling To Hawaii

Hello! I am home from a magical trip to Hawaii with my little girl. It was amazing to get so much quality time with her in such beautiful nature before our new little ray of sunshine arrives (soon!).

I almost didn’t make this trip for so many reasons – but one of the biggest was all the travel rules and regulations, especially with a toddler. I felt totally overwhelmed reading and trying to figure out the COVID protocols.

Thankfully, I had a few great friends that had recently traveled to Hawaii who helped me figure it all out. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as it appears.

I wanted to return the favor and help you as well. Watch the video below to find out everything you need to know. I did forget to mention in the video that you will need to register in advance on this WEBSITE.

To recap, here is a summary of steps!!!!!

1. Book your plane tickets! This is the fun part. 🙂

2. Create a travel profile at this link. https://travel.hawaii.gov/#/welcome

3. Get a COVID test at an approved partner location. I went to CVS and it was so easy. It has to be within 72 hours of when your flight arrives in HI, so make sure to make your testing reservation with that in mind. Children under 5 DO NOT NEED THE TEST. Also, I did not have to pay for it.

4. The COVID testing site will email you a QR code to show Hawaii officials when you land. I also had mine printed out just in case.

5. Have a safe flight!

6. Show your QR code or document to Hawaii officials when you land!

7. The big island required us to take another (free) COVID test when we landed, but it was super fast and easy! Totally no biggie.

It was so worth it! 

Book your trip! Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

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