Restaurant Meals Just a Little Healthier

For the health and fitness conscious, eating out can seemingly come at a cost, but never fear, there are wonderful ways to dine, socialize, and enjoy traditional restaurant dishes while keeping it a bit healthier!

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  1. Eggs Benedict

Try ordering your eggs benny on a bed of greens, like raw spinach. The heat from the ham and eggs will wilt your greens to perfection and you’ll never miss the bread, I promise. 😉

If your body is sensitive to fat, just skip the hollandaise or ask for it on the side to dip your fork in. Often the egg yolk is plenty of delicious fat all on its own!

  1. Cheeseburger

Order that burger (or any sandwich) on a bed of greens! I especially love a steak sandwich on a bed of greens, because you wind up with a beautiful steak dinner for the just the price of a sandwich.

  1. Cooking oils

Most restaurants cook their food in vegetable, canola, or other cheap, hydrogenated oils. Ask your server to prepare your food in real butter instead, which is tastier and healthier. Or, have the kitchen grill or steam your food. Then you can control the amount of fat you’d like yourself.

  1. Salad dressing

Read the label of any commercial salad dressing (even the organic ones) and among the top few ingredients are hydrogenated soybean or canola oil. No thanks. Plus, most salads come loaded with avocado, cheese, olives, bacon, nuts, and other wonderfully delicious and fatty ingredients. I’d personally rather chew my fat.

Simply ask for no dressing on your salad and request a side of balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard instead. Liberally pour it all over the top and toss yourself. In my opinion, it actually tastes better and you’ve saved yourself from some undesirable ingredients and plenty of extra, empty calories.

  1. Yogurt

Tempted by a beautiful acai bowl or yogurt parfait? Ask if the yogurt is flavored or sweetened (usually they mean the same thing). If so, just know your healthy acai bowl may not be as healthy as you think. Sweetened yogurt can pack on anywhere from 20 – 60g of sugar – as much as a candy bar! Ask for unsweetened yogurt and add your own packet of stevia. I also like to ask for just a little bit of fruit.

  1. Alcohol

Limit heavy beers and skip sugary cocktails all together. Instead choose wine or vodka and club soda. You could also try rum, tequila, or scotch with water or club soda. Choose premium brands for less impurities, and, less of a hangover.

  1. Dessert

I’m not sure what it is about eating out that triggers a maniacal sweet tooth in me, but a sure fire way to satisfy it is by ordering a decaf Americano with a little real cream or coconut cream. I add my own stevia and the sweet tooth is slayed.

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