Shredded Shoulders Free Weight Circuit!


If shredding up your shoulders is an aesthetic goal for you, I have a workout you’ll love!

Shoulders are one of my favorite body parts to train because luckily for me they shred up pretty fast without honestly too much effort. So a little work = a lot of result. 

Also, if you do shoulders with a faster tempo while still maintaining stellar form, you’ll notice that shoulder day can easily become cardio. Whoot! Double duty baby. When I do these exercises my heart rate really gets going!

Do each exercise in this workout demo with lighter to medium weights until the last two reps feel challenging, then do 5-10 minutes of cardio. Repeat 3 – 5x!

Pro tip: I like to keep weights on the lighter side for shoulders to keep the joint nice and healthy for the long-term. Overdoing shoulders (and chest) with super heavy weights is a one-way to ticket to injury and physical therapy. Also, remember to keep your belly and glutes nice and tight and engaged.

Make sure to bookmark this page to come back to when you need a great shoulder day. If you like this circuit, feel free to share it! Thanks and enjoy!

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