introducing the daily motivator text club:

Your own personal fitness coach rooting for you each

morning with fitness & healthy eating action items.
Do the homework & watch your life change.

Do You Make Workout & Healthy Eating Promises to Yourself
That You Just Don't Keep?

Climb out of an unmotivated funk & feel consistent , fit, and full of life

Do you wish you were motivated enough to actually be consistent?

And stay consistent , once and for all?

I have been there. I don’t know how many times I’ve committed to start the day with a workout, only to hit the snooze button one too many times and then either have a short and lame workout or no workout at all.

I also know how it feels to say I’m going to work out a little harder, to actually see results, instead of just walking on the treadmill or doing the same thing over and over.

Years ago, I fell deep off the health and fitness wagon (I was in young love and gained 20 pounds of love fat). I was desperate for help.

I found an excellent trainer at a great price who really helped me change my life.

Because of his experience and encouragement, that 20 pounds literally fell OFF my body in no time and I felt stronger, happier, and leaner than ever.

I felt in control of my life. My choices.

Don’t You Just Love The Feeling of Being Fit, Lean, & In Control?

What made my time with him so special is that he would sometimes call me (this was before text messaging 🙂 ) very early in the morning and tell me to get my butt out of bed and get to work.

He would tell me exactly what to do.

It was so helpful because I only saw him 3/x a week for 30 minute sessions….

With 112 waking hours during the week, and only 1.5 spent with my trainer, there was a LOT of room for things to go astray.

I was afraid that I’d slip back into bad habits or undo all the good I’d done in my brief time with him.

That morning motivation and ‘to-do’ he assigned me gave me the swift kick in the pants I needed to get my butt in gear and exercise, eat right, drink my water, and get good sleep!

Over the years, my best accountability partners (in all categories) and I have connected early in the morning and encouraged each other to seize the day.

I believe that a hallmark of a great trainer is one who cares about you on your off days. They they assign you homework and want to see you succeed.

Now is
your time

Do you need motivation to start showing up consistently for yourself?

If you’re reading this now, I have no doubt you’d like to be fitter, more energetic, healthy, and living more purposefully.

i'm here to help

Join my team and you will receive a daily text from me (each weekday morning) with motivation and specific action steps to make healthier and fitter choices that lead to real, lasting change.
You can reply any time, send audio and video messages anytime, and even cancel anytime by just replying

Sample motivation messages

get messages like this sent to you every weekday morning. fell free to reply and ask any questions!

Daily motivators rave:

“I’ve lost 9 POUNDS since joining The Daily Motivator. 9!!! I am so ready and excited to feel lean and strong again.”

“I would literally never be working out or eating clean like this without seeing your text first thing in the morning to motivate me! I absolutely love it.”
“I have been trying to workout consistently on my own for ages but I just start and stop. I can hear Andrea’s voice in my head holding me accountable. It’s so nice to have a cheerleader!”
“I have never been more consistent. When you audio or video message me back, it really gets my butt in gear. 😅 I feel amazing!”
“These morning text messages really set the tone for my day. It is wild how motivated I feel, how much harder I’m working. I feel like you’re always in my ear. It’s so nice to have someone in my corner cheering me on.”
“I am getting so fit and strong! A lot of this is basic, but it’s back to the basics we all need sometimes. It’s creating a habit for me finally again. 🙌🏼 Having someone encourage you to do it is what I really needed.”

Are you ready for your swift kick in the pants?

Let’s get you signed up now.

but. know this: I don'tmess around. i expect you to do the work.

Let’s help you get to the place where exercise and eating is clean is as routine as brushing your teeth.
A non-negotiable habit that doesn’t feel right when it isn’t done.

I will help you find balance in your eating and workout routine so that you aren’t just going all-in or not at all.

You can do this ! And i will help you

Hi I'm Andrea

Your new favourite trainer:)

I’m a working mother to two little girls who works out 6 – 7 days a week for just 20 – 30 minutes a day before they wake up.

I always say, little bit little, a little becomes lot. It’s true!

I know how it feels to be tight on time and wonder how you’re going to get it all done (and feel good in the process, too).

I’ve been a full-time professional fitness trainer and private healthy cook since 2008. I’ve worked with athletes, celebrities, children with disabilities, and senior citizens.

I’ve appeared on national tv, contributed to national fitness magazines, and spoken at large events on fitness and nutrition.

I love feeling fit and helping others find and maintain that within themselves too!

I’ve authored two recipes books on all-natural protein shake recipes (Moan Out Loud Protein Shakes), owned a group fitness studio, host a bi-weekly podcast – The Andrea Barkley Show (available wherever you get your podcasts), and am an influencer and public speaker.

I love connecting with people and helping them find balance and consistency and feel happy, energetic, and in control. I hope I can do the same for you!

The daily motivator is right for you if:

The Daily Motivator is NOT right for you if:


Can I still do my own workouts?

Absolutely. This tool will motivate you to actually GET to the gym/your workout app/group fitness class/on that run consistently and workout with more intention.

Am I able to reply to you? What if I have a question?

Yes! 100% Just hit reply and I will personally answer you! This is a direct line to me. Just know that I’ll usually reply during normal hours and it might not be right that instant. 🙂

I just need help with being motivated and being held accountable, but I still want to do my own thing. Is that cool? 

Yep. Of course. I want you to succeed! I am clapping for you when you wake up just like you deserve. I will offer specific exercises/workouts but they are suggestions. The vibe is to go seize the day. And if you add in the exercises I recommend – what a great way to mix things up.


No, not at all but if you like going to the gym that works great too! I do recommend having some basic equipment at home like dumbbells and a mat.


It sure will! You might have more questions and need to send me some form videos to critique but that’s okay! This is a great place to start without a major time and financial investment in an in-person trainer. Though that’s great too!


The Daily Motivator is about just that, motivation! Yes there is assigned homework but you can apply that homework to however works for you! And if you add in my suggestions to your current workout that will be a great way to mix things up and create some variety and intensity.


Membership is only $29/month. You’ll receive text message coaching from me every weekday morning and are welcome to reply with questions and comments. Private coaching rates begin at $125/session so this is a phenomenal rate to have direct access to me. I’ll sometimes reply via video and/or audio. I’m always available for form checks, questions, etc. You can cancel anytime by just replying to the text and letting me know you’d like to discontinue! It’s easy.

Feeling feet, lean and in control is just a text away.