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“Total inches lost in 4 weeks: 13.25! I am so thankful for your expertise and ability to motivate! This has been such a positive experience in my life and I cannot wait to keep going!! Thanks for helping me so much! – Afton”

“My husband and I have been working out with Andrea for about 4 years now and have not been at all disappointed.
She is not only knowledgeable about training she is very knowledgeable when it comes to advice in nutrition.
My husband had been a poor sleeper for most of his life and when talking to Andrea about this she gave him some suggestions concerning his eating habits and now he is sleeping better than ever before.
We received an e-mail from our Doctor that recommended some important facts about healthful eating and it is exactly what Andrea told us about a year ago.
If you are looking for a trainer to improve your overall fitness she is the one. She not only will become your trainer, but you will have a very knowledgeable person you can count on for advice on your eating habits.
If you look to Andrea for training you will not be disappointed and you will gain a friend. Laya.”

“Andrea is the best trainer! My husband and I have been working out with her for 3 years. She is very knowledgeable and SUPER motivating…even when I’m not so motivated! She takes a holistic approach to nutrition, which is what I wanted, and she varies our training routine so that it is never boring. We do strength training, as well as functional training to keep us fit for the long-haul! We workout in local parks, our house, the gym in our condo building, wherever is most convenient and depending on the weather. Thanks Andrea! ”