Get fit on your own time, at your own location. Maybe that’s a nearby park, your own private gym, or even infront of your laptop.

Andrea has helped clients of all ages and fitness levels accomplish their dreams of losing weight, gaining muscle, and feeling like
a million dollars.

What would you like to achieve? A slimmer waist?
Less food cravings?

Leverage the power of one of Phoenix’s best personal trainers
to finally feel your fittest.

Onsite personal training is available in the areas of Arcadia,
Biltmore, & Paradise Valley in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Rates are $125/session with a minimum commitment
of 3 months.

Online training available worldwide.

Travel upon request and availability.



Nothing is more satisfying than a beautiful meal that tastes
delicious & even makes you feel good.

Andrea is a private, healthy cook who comes to your home
& prepares nutritious meals in your kitchen with plenty of leftovers.

While not a trained chef, Andrea ensures your refrigerator is stocked with organic, natural, healthful food that is easy to grab.

You’ll find more time to exercise, spend time with loved ones,
or just relax.

Save money from eating out. Nourish your body. Nurture your workouts. Look & feel great.

Rates are $125/session.


Consulting, Speaking
Business coaching

From nutrition coaching, program design, and motivation, to speaking at your next event, Andrea is available to help advise how you too can feel full of life each day.

Andrea can even share how she escaped the rat race to follow her passions of world travel, fitness, and entrepreneurship, and help you do it, too.


moan out loud
protein shakes

Moan Out Loud Protein Shakes is a community of health-conscious fitness-lovers who are blending their own mouth-watering, all-natural protein shakes at home. Created by Andrea Barkley, Moan Out Loud Protein Shakes emphasizes using clean, natural ingredients that fuel your love of a fit and active lifestyle. Come on over and join the community! You’ll see how you can satisfy your sweet tooth with shakes that are protein-packed, gluten-free, soy-free, contain no added-sugar, and zero creepy ingredients..

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