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How to Take Your Nutrition Up a Notch

You make sure to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and nuts and seeds. You even may go so far as to buy organic, low fat milk. But, if you’re interested in diving deeper into nutrition and eating as much for health as you do for aesthetics, it’s a good idea to ditch modern […]

9 Ways to Stop a Sweet Tooth In Its Tracks

  Even the most clean-eating health nut can get sucked into a gnarly sweet tooth from time to time. And while it’s no big deal to indulge on occasion, regular consumption of added sugar can actually cause you to crave more sugar. Drat! From fruity to chocolatey, here are some of my simple, quick swaps [...]

Restaurant Meals Just a Little Healthier

  For the health and fitness conscious, eating out can seemingly come at a cost, but never fear, there are wonderful ways to dine, socialize, and enjoy traditional restaurant dishes while keeping it a bit healthier! Eggs Benedict Try ordering your eggs benny on a bed of greens, like raw spinach. The heat from the [...]

Why I’m No Longer Paleo

Have you heard of The Paleo Diet? It’s a popular, controversial diet with a passionate tribe of followers who subscribe to eating only foods that their Paleolithic ancestors would have eaten. The diet restricts all grains, dairy, hydrogenated fats, soy, alcohol, and sugar and promotes organic, whole, unprocessed food. What’s left you might be asking? […]

LIVE With NFL Cheerleader Julia Nicholson: How to Live a Healthy, Sexy Life!

I have a such a special treat for you to inspire your goals into action! 🙂 My awesome friend, Julia Nicholson, who is an NFL Cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans, is sharing tons of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle advice with us! She’s a veteran professional cheerleader, nutrition and health coach, mom, and wife. She is all […]

Live With Dr. Kim Agnew: Keeping Fit With Your Furry Friends!

If you’re fitness lover, chances are strong that you’re an animal lover too! Go for a walk, hike, or run and the fit masses are accompanied by man’s best friend. I sat down with my favorite veterinarian, Dr. Kim Agnew, and asked her for specific tips on incorporating our furry friends into our fit lifestyle, like: […]